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Now! Back to the personality analysis of Cse

Dynamic, bright, enterprising you are communicative and outgoing. Almost always optimistic or cheerful a bringer of good mood! An emotional person who is known to be generous and altruistic.

Being an extrovert you like the company of others, because everybody has fascinating characteristics. You strongly believe that humans are alive to enjoy life.

Bottom line?

Empathetic to the core your hypersensitivity can often give false positives. For number nines there exists a love relationship with learning new things and travel(all kinds of travel). Always carrying out your goals in a voluntary and determined fashion.
An independent person who struggles to fit in when having to answer to authority. Yet at times when it is needed you can be particularly comprehensive and obedient. People trust and rely on you, because they all know that you can be counted on. Honest and sometimes even too direct or candid when speaking.

Cse meaning related to work

Happiness comes to you once you feel freedom in your actions and have independence.

Not liking monotony you are longing for passion and constantly crave for new knowledge or adventures. A forward-thinking person whose intuition often pushes him off the beaten track. Kind of a rebel. Refusing to submit to established order is not preventing you from working in a team under someone else, as long as you have freedom of movement and are able to make decisions on your own. Full of surprises your journey is often out of the norm.

Suitable occupations: all areas of travel, trade, tourism, and communication. Council crafts, listening, occupations in relationship with law, international, research, science, military, police. Sometimes psychology, clairvoyance, astrology, magnetism, wellness, massages, the humanitarian, the audiovisual.

What wellness means to Cse?

You are full of energy!

Thus bright, fast, effective, voluntary and dynamic conquering life without asking questions. But do remember to take time for yourself and make sure to have a balanced lifestyle. One way to achieve this is by organizing your day to day a little more. Your weak points are: liver, stomach, hips, legs, spine, the pelvis.

Cse meaning on a financial level

Never directly striving for wealth.

Money is only a means to achieve your desires. If there ever is a crossroad where you have to choose between inner peace or money, you will mostly choose harmony. The thing is that such decisions are always dependent on outer circumstances. Financially your journey consists of ups and downs.

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