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Now! Back to the personality analysis of Ftl

Full of life energy and creativity. Dynamic, intuitive and innovative you are one of a kind. An innovative power who knows how to meet the needs of his time, allowing him to capture the collective unconsciousness.

You are a nonconformist who likes to think outside of the box. Hierarchy and an established order are things you have trouble with. Elevens love independence and go to great length to achieve it.

Bottom line?

Although you like getting noticed, you never pay attention to critics. Bohemian lifestyle does not scare you, because you always make the best out of every situation.
People often confide in you because of your great listening skills and advice. An idealistic and a philosopher, your character is unique.

Ftl meaning related to work

It is clear that you do not like banality and need to evolve in an unusual context that is both fascinating and exciting.

Liking to direct and work the way you feel without any real constraints, which leads you to constantly stand out. Ingenious yet innovative you aspire to create something new. Not afraid of responsibilities or burnout. There is a desire to get things moving, which is why everything constantly changes.

Suitable occupations: the artistic universe (singer, painter, dancer), media (moderator, producer, cameraman), publishing (author, critic, Publisher), philosophy, psychology, politics, large corporations or governments, departments, sometimes, clairvoyance, astrology, human sciences, aerospace, tourism, diplomacy, the council.

What wellness means to Ftl?

Being a true sponge to many things can often lead you astray from your true path.

Therefore learn to preserve yourself to achieve a good balance and personal well-being. Only when you lead a healthy life style will you be able to make the most of it. Your weak points are: your immune system, your blood, your legs, your ankles, your ears, your lymphatic system.

Ftl meaning on a financial level

Having a very special relationship with money you sometimes just want to reject it. This creates financial problems, because budgeting comes very hard to you.

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