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The name Ramona meaning and personality analysis. Only few know their names true essence. Discover Your Names Hidden Meaning. Full of passion and intuitive you are a real electric current. That is why you need to vibrate on a daily basis and always avoid lukewarm stuff!

You love explosive, incredible or unexpected situations, because they arise a thousand emotions inside. Not being afraid of nothing. Attracting risk or adrenaline brings full control and makes you own your fate.

Bottom line?

Whole, stubborn, willful you are a fighter who can rise mountains with his determination. Having an inner nature that incites taking advantage of the present moment and living life to the fullest can however sometimes make you pretty hard to live with, because of your self destructive behavior. Therefore learn to channel your energy. Being a whirlwind people can not help but notice you! Constantly questioning your beliefs is one of your strong points.

Ramona meaning related to work

Fulfillment for this person depends on professional success.

Voluntary, purposeful, effective never fearing work overload. Giving your body and soul to projects or activities that you love. Always leading the ship with a good sense of appropriateness and repartee! Demanding to yourself but also with others you are honest and fair. Being passionate you need movement, never liking monotony. Good strategist who knows perfectly well what he is doing while mastering all sectors in which he is involved.

Suitable occupations: finance, justice or law professions, building, the interior decoration, business, of sale or trade, activities linked to the army or the police, the middle of the sports, astrology, clairvoyance, numerology, psychology, all management, administrative or political positions and sometimes media.

What wellness means to Ramona?

Figure of questioning and rebirth.

You are active, dynamic and fearless. The biggest weakness is your need to do too much and therefore constantly tapping into your energy reserves. Lively with high energy levels and a good ability to recover. Your weak points are: the nose, muscles, kidneys, genitals, lymph, immune system.

Ramona meaning on a financial level

Attracted by money you also know how to get it.

However being able to get money and managing it wisely are two very different things. Thus you maintain a very ambivalent relationship with money. In that sense the life path of number eight is high as well as low.

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░ What does Ramona mean emotionally

You are passionate person who mostly moves on instinct.

This makes your love life atypical, even quite complex. Often maintaining relations of force with your partner, which can result in jealousy or exclusivity. So you need to swim on the same wavelength with each other, otherwise no harmony will form. There is a need to admire and be admired in relationships.

Why does this matter?

Such desire drives you to seek an exceptional partner who is viewed highly in your eyes! Your love life is often made up of incredible twists that take you on complex routes.

Ramona social capability defined

Although very independent by nature you are extroverted at times even extravagant. Having designed your life specifically to be surrounded by others. You need to be reassured and friends are an inexhaustible source of comfort, advice and listeners. Thus despite the fact that you are exclusive and selective, you are very generous and loyal.

Materials, colors or minerals: iron, steel, stone, material or chemical or recycled fibers. Fitting colors: red, blue, purple, violet, orange, black, white, shades sliced. Astrology: The Balance, the Scorpio, Pluto. Tarot: the Arcane unnamed, the wheel of Fortune.
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