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The name Rain meaning and personality analysis. Only few know their names true essence. Discover Your Names Hidden Meaning. Matters of the heart will always come first! Logic often times loses against emotions within your life. Sensitive, generous you do what the heart desires but this can lead to messy situations.

Therefore learn how to better manage your emotions. It is one of the reasons why you need to mark your daily habits and benchmarks. You are indeed a cyclonic character who evolves depending on their emotions and you are quite difficult to understand.

Bottom line?

Despite a form of shyness, you are sociable and pleasant. Aspiring towards harmony you need to be of help to someone in order to feel useful.

Rain meaning related to work

Despite fears and doubts you always perform good on a professional level.

Although number sixes do put in the required effort, they work in a jerky manner and have a rhythm of their own. Both organized and disorganized at the same time can make you irreplaceable in a way. To be comfortable in your business, there is a need for a safe environment, otherwise it will be hard to give your best. You are respectful of laws and the established order, what in return makes you a good follower.

Suitable occupations may be: activities in relation to the social, service, administration, welfare, care-person, food, writing, psychology, the Council, the analysis, understanding.

What wellness means to Rain?

You are anguished by nature and tend to have psychological conflicts.

That is why emotions often have the upper hand over reasoning. Having the constant need to be reassured, try to analyze yourself at times in order to feel alive and free! Your weak points are: your nervous system, stomach (intestines), liver, gallbladder, kidneys.

Rain meaning on a financial level

Having complex relationships with money often alternating between a need for enrichment and rejection of money.

Money is only ever a means to do what you desire or to satiate cravings. This is one of the reasons why your financial destiny is pretty random.

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░ What does Rain mean emotionally

You are an emotional person and need to feel loved or surrounded.

This is why love takes on a special place in your life. Try to design your existence around what is most important to you, only then is a stable life possible. The biggest problem still is your requirement towards yourself and others. That is why it is not uncommon for you to desperately seek happiness before being able to get a stable life (although happiness might be already next to you)!

Why does this matter?

Always between two emotions sometimes finding it hard to know what you want and having the desire to found a home, a family, the urge to flutter, or vice versa! Commitment is something very serious for you(never taking it lightly), because it requires reflection and a real dose of love.

Rain social capability defined

Quite shy or reserved yet still valuing friends and communication, because it gives you reassurance on the way to building a strong family. Thus friendship holds an important place in your life.

Materials, colors, minerals: bronze, Earth, wood, raw materials or natural fibers. All colors: green, blue, shades of Earth, Brown, wheat, gold. Astrology: Virgo, Gemini, mercury, Ceres. Tarot: the lover, the High Priestess.
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